Localities dealing with typhoon Bebinca

Director of the National Center for Hydro Meteorological Forecasting Hoang Duc Cuong said typhoon Bebinca is forecast to make landfall in the northern and north central region tomorrow August 17, causing continuous torrential rains on a large-scale.

Localities dealing with typhoon Bebinca

Bebinca makes landfall

The Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control yesterday held the meeting. Mr. Hoang Duc Cuong reported at the meeting that on August 16 Bebinca would make landfall in the Tonkin Gulf. It then keeps moving west west and south.

It would gain strength and early tomorrow morning August 17, the wind speed will reach at level 8. As a result, the south part of northern delta and northern central region are predicted to be effected directly by the typhoon.

Yesterday afternoon, the typhoon centered at 20.9 north latitude – 111.1 degrees east longitude, at 350km from Mong Cai –Quang Ninh province and 500km from Thai Binh province, 630km from Nghe An province (Vinh City). It is expected to head to Hai Phong to Nghe An provinces.

Tonight and tomorrow, heavy rains will hit the northern and north central region. The rainfall will reach at 250mm to 350mm. Hanoi is forecast to see flooding in Chuong My district as the water level on Bui River rises at warning level two and three.

The center forecast that the 4th typhoon will then weaken into a tropical low-pressure after causing torrential rains in the northern region.

Taking necessary measures to cope with Bebinca


Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development, head board of the central steering committee for natural disaster prevention & control instructed necessary measures to localities nationwide to cope with the typhoon developments.

As plan, the provinces which are forecast to be hit by the typhoon must ban fishing vessel to go to sea; control and stop operation of tourist ships. The northern mountainous provinces are asked to take measures to prevent flash floods, landslides. The functional organizations are ready to control the typhoon, ensure to minimize human and property losses due to the typhoon.

Staffwritter- Translated by Van Ha

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