Mad frenzy to search for medicinal leaf in Kon Tum Province

Local residents from Kon Ray and Kon Plong Districts in the highland province of Kon Tum are flocking to the forest in search of a particular medicinal plant whose leaf is selling in China and Taiwan (China) for a very high price.

The herb leaf Anoechilus Roxburghii is said to have great medicinal value

Regardless of the wet weather, residents from both these districts are flocking to the forest in a mad frenzy to search for the medicinal plant whose leaf, with scientific name Anoechilus Roxburghii or Ludisia Discolor, is an important and vital medicinal herb.

This particular plant grows to a height of 20-30cms, and its leaf has a velvety-texture, with the upper surface being dark green with intricate silvery veins. The lower surface of the leaf is pale purple in color.

Strong young men, elderly people and even children are dropping classes in a mad rush into the forest in search of the medicinal leaf, in the hope of earning more money as it sells for VND1 million a kilogram.

For years, the leaf was rumored to have medicinal value for treatment of many chronic diseases. Chinese and Taiwanese people are willing to buy the leaf in bulk at a very high price.

After Tu Mo Rong and Dak G’lei Districts in Kon Tum Province were found to have the medicinal leaf, Kon Ray and Kon Plong have now been found with it as well. Locals usually uproot the entire plant when they come across it; hence the plant is facing near extinction now.

By D. Trung - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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