Many More Fishermen Bodies Found at Sea

Fishermen remains are gathered to have DNA profiling

The naval ship HQ 629 received on May 28 a body of Vietnamese that was then treated with chemicals to be moved to Da Nang in the coming days. The body was found offshore in the evening of May 27.

Another report said that a Chinese ship had found three other sunken fishing vessels, which are DNa 90079, 2727 and one yet to be unidentified.

Doctor Trinh Luong Tran, Director of the Da Nang Department of Health, said that all the unclaimed bodies had been buried and DNA profiling is underway to produce the result within one month at the very least.

Up to 200 victims’ families were asked to take DNA sample for comparison with the buried and potential dead bodies alike.

After the terrible impact of typhoon Chanchu, fishermen in recent days seem to be reluctant to resume normal work at sea. Plus, the rising of oil price has seriously affected deep sea fishing business.

The Ministry of Fisheries announced grants of VND1 million each for families of the dead and VND500,000 each for the injured.

The Sai Gon Economy – Information Technology School will offer courses free of charge and monthly grants of VND200,000 each to relatives of typhoon victims.

A live broadcast showing the images of the survivors, unlucky relatives and rescuers was on air on May 28. Audience had a chance to share the lingering sorrow of people affected by the tropical storm in many tearful stories. Reportedly, over VND4.2 billion was collected for the survivors and victims' relatives.

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By TH - Translated by Van Hanh

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