Media asked to focus on VN border, image issues

When publishing and disseminating externally oriented information about Vietnam, domestic news agencies should focus on the country’s border demarcations and refute distorted information from hostile forces, Politburo member To Huy Rua has said.

The national conference held March 8-9 in Da Nang City to review past performance regarding the publication of externally oriented information, and the dissemination of information regarding border demarcation (Photo: VNMedia)
Mr. Rua, who is also the head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Propaganda and Education, made the statement during a national conference March 8-9 in Da Nang City to review past performance sovereignty over sea and islands and border demarcation.

He also asked relevant agencies to strengthen information on sea and land issues to contribute to the safeguarding of the country’s sovereignty over its territories in the East Sea, and implement a sea strategy by 2020 under a resolution passed at the 4th conference of the 10th Party Central Executive Committee in 2007.

The Steering Board for Foreign Affairs Information must instruct all relevant agencies at all levels to fortify information that promotes the image of a stable and peaceful Vietnam with hard-working, friendly and hospitable people, he said.

Vietnam should be promoted as an attractive destination for international investors and travelers, Mr. Rua added.

He said the quality of publications that serve external information goals must be improved to help the world clearly understand Vietnam and its emerging global position. This will prevent and counter any distorted and subversive allegations of hostile forces at home and abroad, he said.

He also underlined the need to publicize the significance of the completion of the Vietnam-China border marker planting. Mr. Rua asked the mass media to step up public awareness activities regarding the friendship between the two country’s Communist Parties and peoples. 

Vietnam is carrying out border marker planting with Cambodia and consolidating the border marker system with Laos, so agencies concerned should be following up on the situation to promptly provide information about those works, he said.

Mr. Rua also called on relevant agencies to strengthen coordination on providing information to the world, and step up training in terms of political knowledge and professional skills for staff in charge of external information.

By Ha Minh-Translated by Quang Thinh

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