Meeting for “World No-Tobacco Day”

A meeting with the themes “Young people say no -- tobacco” and “National week -- no tobacco” was held on Saturday in response to “World No-Tobacco Day”.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, deputy prime minister and minister of health, explained tobacco’s harmful effect to young people. In Viet Nam, 56 percent males and 1.8 percent females smoke, she said. This includes 31 percent of young people. Each year, 40,000 people die of diseases caused by second-hand smoke.


The government is working on a plan to discourage tobacco use. This year’s national no-tobacco week aims to raise people’s awareness and sense of responsibility. Everyone must discourage teenagers from using tobacco.


Many participates suggested that government needs to launch policies to limit tobacco by increasing the retail price, increasing import tariffs, or forbidding the sales of tobacco to people under 18.


The meeting was organized by Ministry of Health in association with Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and World Health Organization.


Thu Hang –Translated by N. Vi

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