Mekong Delta takes urgent steps to cope with storm

As complicated storm on the way to make landfall in the Mekong delta, coastal provinces in the region are preparing measures to cope with it including evacuation of hundreds of locals to safer shelters.

Mekong Delta takes urgent steps to cope with storm

Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee in Ben Tre Province Nguyen Huu Lap yesterday said that all local administrations have had preparations for the storm. The education sector will allow students to quit schools in case that the storm comes.
If necessary , local authorities will evacuate people. Moreover, ships are forbidden to go out to sea since 8PM on December 23.
Safeguards in threes stations Ham Luong, Co Chiên, and Cua Dai will inform boats in sea the storm direction to find out the safe shelters to anchor. Till now, around 2,680 boats have anchored in safe places; however, safeguards recalled 487 ships with 1,948 fishermen on board in sea to dock.
Ben Tre Province authority has urged the education sector to allow students and teachers to stay home if the storm arrives for their safety. Moreover, the education sector must have measures to protect equipment in schools.
Administrations in districts and sector in Ben Tre province were asked to delay all meeting to cope with the storm. Media in the province must update and inform storm development to residents.
Ca Mau Province followed suit. Ca Mau authority yesterday called fishing boats to anchor in safe shelters to take refuge from the storm. Moreover, from 4 PM on December 23, all ships are banned to set out to sea.

Deputy Chairman of Ca Mau People’s Committee Le Van Su said that 46,000 residents must go to other places for their safety when the storm makes landfall. The province petitioned to have fund to support poor households whose houses are affected by natural disaster.
Related agencies are recalling over 900 boats and ships carrying 7,900 fishermen back to shore meanwhile nearly 400 ships in sea will be directed to dock in safe shelters.
Chairman of People’s Committee in Tien Giang Le Van Huong convened an urgent meeting ordering all relevant agencies and sectors to work around the clock to cope with the storm. Around 117,000 residents in coastal areas are affected by the storm and approximately 40,000 people should be evacuated to safer places.
The health sector in Tien Giang is preparing enough drugs, water bottles and necessary for all people moving from other places.
Bac Lieu Province authority sent men who will work around the clock to hoist colored lights to warn mariners of storms at sea. Rescue men are ready to work when needed.
Head of the Storm Prevention and Control Department in Bac Lieu Lai Thanh An said over 1,000 residents live in protection forests and coastal areas who should be evacuated when the storm comes.
Approximately 1,200 fishing boats carrying 6,000 men in sea will be informed the storm. Moreover, 70,000 hectares of rice field, vegetables and 76,000 hectare of fish cage farms must be protected if the huge storm hits the province.

By staff writers - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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