Minister visits woman suspending cancer treatment to save her kid

Minister of Public Security Senior lieutenant-general To Lam yesterday led a delegation visited Dau Thi Huyen Tram, 25, in the Hanoi-based National Cancer Hospital’s intensive medical unit who refused to receive cancer treatment to save her unborn baby.

Dau Thi Huyen Tram from the central province of Ha Tinh is an police office. She decided to delay cancer treatment and risked her life in exchange for saving her infant son during pregnancy though she has suffered serious pain from stage IV lung cancer .

Minister Lam was moved at hearing Tram’s family tradition that her father is also a police officer. Tram wished to be a police officer like her father to continue the family’s tradition despite difficulties.

Mr. Lam said that Tram is a real exemplary model of extraordinary efforts in the sector sharing his sympathy with her family. He presented VND30 million (US$1,336) to Tram.

Representatives from the General Department of Politic and office of the police sector and related agencies offered Tram gifts to support her and encourage her in the fight against the disease.

Tram expressed her happiness at Mr. Lam’s visits saying that sacrificing herself to save the baby is a normal as all mothers in the world will do as same as her.

By MINH KHANG - translated by Anh Quan

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