Ministers plead ignorance of Dung’s wrongdoings

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a meeting yesterday to explain the case of Duong Tri Dung who was promoted head of Vietnam Maritime Administration.

Previously, Dinh La Thang, Minister of Transport, told some newspapers in an interview on May 30 that he had appointed Duong Chi Dung, who is being hunted by the police, as head of Vietnam Maritime Administration to “save the Vietnam Shipping Lines Corporation (Vinalines)” and “the appointment of Dung is up to regulations of the Party and the State”.

Transport Deputy Minister Nguyen Hong Truong (L) speaks at yesterday's conference (Photo: Tuoi tre)

Vice Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong stated that  the  appointment of Dung was to save Vinalines, as at that time Vinalines CEO and officials of the Transport Ministry had proposed to solve the prolonged disunity in Vinalines. That was why the Transport Ministry’s party cell was determined to withdraw Dung from the chairmanship of Vinalines.

“Before the Government Inspectorate released its inspection conclusion on Dung’s case, we had not known any information about the loss of Vinalines nor Dung’s wrongdoings.” Truong emphasized.

In late 2010, at the Party Congress of the centrally-governed business sector, Dung was elected as a permanent member of the party committee and selected to represent the committee at the 11th National Party Congress. So Dung’s appointment was made in accordance with relevant regulation, Truong concluded.

Truong added that on February 6, 2012, the Prime Minister decided to withdraw Dung from Vinalines Chairmanship. The same day, Minister Dinh La Thang issued the assignment decision of Dung as the head of Vietnam Maritime Administration.

Before that in December 2011, the Ministry of Transport proposed to the PM to appoint Nguyen Ngoc Hue as the new Vinalines chairman.

On February 12, Government Inspectorate released the report on wrongdoings at Vinalines, Truong added.

Agreeing with the Ministry of Transport, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told reporters that if at that time, leaders of the Ministry of Transport had known the reality then Dung would not have been assigned to the new post.

At that time there was no information about Dung’s mistakes and he was the Party Secretary, Chair of the Board of Members and a permanent member of the Party Committee of the centrally-governed business sector. In all reports on personnel, he was highly appreciated so he was promoted, Vice Minister Tuan said.

“Before the Government Inspectorate released its inspection conclusion on Dung’s case, we had not received any information from this agency, from the police or any accusation of Dung’s wrongdoings,” Tuan added.

From SGGP- Translated by Dan

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