Ministry not to grant license for new industrial zones

The Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environment will plan ground for new industrial zones unless their area is occupied over 60 percent with factory projects and appropriate to the ground planning issued by the Prime Minister.

The rule is added in the land using plan for 2011-2020.

A report by the ministry said that the country has 249 industrial zones absorbing a total area of 63,000 hectares. But the average rate of land using is about 51percent.  Among that only 162 zones are operating, 27 zones are full of factories and companies, 37 zones with 80 percent of land using.

In addition, the whole country also have 650 industrial complex set up by provinces, occupy a total area of 33,000 hectares with average land using rate of 44percent.

The report said that industrial zone planning and industrial zone complex development in locals are not effective.

Many provinces have rushed to building up industrial complex without an inter-regional planning. Some of industrial zones have been built up in agricultural land for rice growth without careful planning, causing wastefulness of agricultural land and environment pollution.

Many industrial zones have been planned along highways and in urban areas, resulting in traffic congestion.

By Anh Phuong-Translated by Ngoc Minh

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