Ministry orders to ensure vehicles for transporting people to hometowns

The Ministry of transport sent its urgent document asking to strengthen traffic order on the Lunar New Year and the relevant agencies must ensure enough transportation means to take all people to their hometowns on the special occasion of the Lunar New Year.

The Ministry also asked to increase legal information of traffic regulation to residents; especially focusing on wearing helmets, fast driving, not driving when drunk.  Agencies must re-check all vehicle fleets to meet increasing transportation demands on the special occasion.

The Directorate for Road of Vietnam was asked to instruct its sub-divisions and departments of transport to issue fines to violation on pavement encroachment and not prevent traffic gridlock. All traffic forces must be sent to stations to curb congestion and safety there.

Aviation sector must also increase more flights and personnel to create convenience to passengers and ensure safety in airports.

The National Traffic Safety Committee reported that in the first day of Lunar New Year holiday on February 15 or 27th December of Lunar Calendar, 39 traffic accidents occurred, killing 27 people, and injuring 26 across the country. Of those, 24 died in 37 road accidents, two in two rail incidents.

Traffic wardens in the country have handled over 9,900 road traffic violations and 81 water traffic violations. They seized nine cars, 656 motorcycles and revoked 414 driving licenses. Totaling fines was over VND6.6 billion (US$309,859) to hand in to the state treasury.

The hotline operated by the National Steering Committee for Traffic Safety received more than 400 calls from passengers who complained about transport firms that unreasonably hiked fares during Tet - the season of high demand.

By Ham Yen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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