Ministry tightens control of mobile phone market

The Ministry of Information and Communications along with  related agencies is preparing regulations to tighten control and further promote the telecommunication and information technology industry, while creating a more competitive environment for the mobile phone market.


The Ministry has organized the ‘Vietnam International Mobile Conference’ with the theme ‘The future for Vietnam’s mobile sector’ in Hanoi from October 19, with many leading domestic and international mobile and telecommunication companies participating.

Competition between mobile companies is currently not as fierce as it was from 2007-2010, but it still exists. In unscheduled checks of mobile providers, the ministry found that some of them were providing new services under promotional schemes.

Pham Hong Hai, head of the Telecom Sector in the Ministry, said there will be more tightened control over mobile service providers in the country.

According to new regulations, only enterprises having more than 30 percent market share will be allowed to send documents to the government for approval before launch of any new service.  Enterprises with less than 30 percent share can introduce their own services which cannot be lower priced than those in the market.

The Ministry has sworn not to allow any enterprise from deregulating prices in the mobile phone market.

By T. Luu - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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