Ministry to closely supervise building red mud reservoir of controversial bauxite project

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Friday announced its task group would closely supervise executing the reservoir of red mud in a bauxite exploiting project in Central Highlands.

The task group also asked the independent consultant to continue building supervision plan and updating the bauxite project diary, aiming to correctly and timely discover, evaluate environment problems.

After three previous supervisions, the group has required project owners to pay special attention to problems such as red mud, water balance and water supply, forestry biology and plan of recovering the environment after the exploitation, waste treatment and foreigners involving in environmental protection.

The project owners have been asked to absolutely and comprehensively tackle these problems and anticipate situations that maybe happen. 

Relating to observational indexes, the group said that the owner of the Lam Dong aluminum-bauxite project had incorrectly carried out periodic environment observation like in their pledge.

The Environment Department of the ministry isseued a dispatch in August, asking the owner to complete their pledge, including the environment observation.

However, the department has just results of the first stage of the environment observation from the owner so far.

The group has required the project owners to early deploy the project of an environment observation center in Central Highland provinces of Lam Dong and Dak Nong

By Anh Thu- Translated by Dan Que

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