Ministry to revoke license of petrol adulterators

Nguyen Huy Hoang, Minister of Industry and Trade on December 5 asked related agencies to revoke business licenses of petrol stations found cheating customers and violating trade regulations.

He stated this at an online meeting held yesterday to implement tasks for the month of December.

He also asked related agencies to stop producing A83 gasoline.

Hoang said that although A83 gasoline is not allowed to sell in the market, several hundred thousand tons of A83 gasoline is produced in a year by some domestic fuel companies.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has suggested stopping production of A83 gasoline, but ministries and related agencies have not agreed to this so far, Hoang said.

Many dishonest fuel dealers have recently been mixing A83 gasoline with A92 and A93 fuel to make a substandard product.

Though most major local fuel wholesalers no longer import A83 gasoline, and with the Quang Ngai-based Dung Quat Oil Refinery no longer producing this commodity, the low-quality gasoline is still being produced by some domestic fuel wholesalers.

According to Dam Thi Huyen, deputy general director of Petrolimex, 55 petrol stations in Ho Chi Minh City have been checked but no case of violation has so far been detected. However, when Petrolimex detected a petrol station selling low grade gasoline, a representative at the petrol station said that it had been bought from a private fuel company.

A83 gasoline is eligible for circulation in the market, and certain distributors, such as Saigon Petro, still have a large stock of A83 gasoline for its dealers.

With A83 gasoline prices currently reaching VND500 and VND1,000 a liter, much lower compared to A92 and A95, fraudulent dealers have earned whopping profits by selling the substandard product under the A92 or A95 name.

The low-quality petrol is mostly consumed in remote mountainous areas and rural Mekong Delta regions by people using vehicles with old engines.

By H.My – Translated by T.Huong

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