Ministry Warns FPT about Vulgar Performance

The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism has officially asked the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism to investigate a vulgar performance on Sept. 14 by two male dancers who are students of FPT Arena Multimedia (FPT University).

Accordingly, the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism will inspect and warn the FPT Arena Multimedia about the performance, which occurred at a ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the FPT Corporation at National Convention Center in Ha Noi.

The department does not normally intervene in the internal cultural activities of individuals or organization. However, FPT’s ceremony was beyond the pale and the video has been seen by many people throughout the country.

In principle, the organizing board must request permission from the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism to hold an event of this kind, said Mr. Le Ngoc Cuong, head of the Arts Performing Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. However, no such request was made.

The chorus of the FPT Arena Multimedia performed a famous revolutionary song written in a vulgar way for the performance. This shows that the organizing board and students of FPT University have a weak political consciousness. The author of the song and Viet Nam Center for Protection of Music Copyright can sue the FPT for copyright infringement, he added.

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By V. Xuan – Translated by Khuong Duy

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