Mobile police force to ensure security during US-North Korea Summit

According to the High Command of Mobile Police under the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, the unit received an order to strengthen the force in order to ensure security during the United States-North Korea Summit in capital city of Hanoi from February 27 to 28.

Mobile police force will ensure security during US-North Korea Summit

Mobile police force will ensure security during US-North Korea Summit

In the area of the Noi Bai International Airport, security will be kept at  the highest state during the time of receiving the United States presidential delegations. 

In addition to the mobile police force, special officials, police of public security units, more than 800 security personnel and police are ordered to do guard duty, checking in and out of the airport.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Department of Traffic Police under Hanoi City Police also said that the unit had a plan to divert and patrol to submit to the higher levels for approval.

Streamlined plans will be announced so that people can choose the right direction.

Earlier, on February 16, the Hanoi City Police said that it is ready to take the duty to ensure security, safety for the summit.

The Criminal Police Department will preside over and continue to drastically implement the order No. 01 of the Director of the Hanoi City Police, strengthen 96 patrol working groups from 11 PM of the previous day to 5AM the next day; attack and vigorously repress criminal suspects, etc.

The Director of the Hanoi Police Department also asked the Ministry of Public Security to deploy additional police officers for the Hanoi City Police.

By Gia Khanh - Translated by Huyen Huong

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