Motorcycle fires continue

A Honda Air Blade scooter caught fire at a school in the northern province of Bac Ninh Thursday as the latest case in a series of vehicle fires recently nationwide.

The Air Blade scooter with the number plate 99B1-02969 caught fire at around 9 AM at Dong Nguyen School in Tu Son Town of the province.

Ms Trang Thi Thu Phuong, the motorcycle owner, said she rode the bike to the school for a parents meeting. Just when stopping the scooter, she saw fumes coming out from the back and the bike was on fire immediately.

She said people around immediately tried to put out the fire with sand and wet fabrics. Some lower parts were damaged.

She said the bike was bought in May 2011 and has run about 1,500 kilometers, with no problems seen before the incident. The latest petrol fill-in was on Tuesday.

Police are investigating the reason.

By Ng. Quoc, translated by Van Truong

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