NA Chairman meets Lao leaders on bilateral ties

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong met with General Secretary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and State President Choumaly Sayasone and Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh right upon his arrival in Vientiane for the 17 th annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-17).

NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong (R) welcomed by General Secretary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and State President Choumaly Sayasone in Vientiane (Photo: VOV)

Meeting with the Lao party and State leader, NA Chairman Trong said he was joyous to witness improvements and rapid development of Laos, particularly its efforts to maintain political and social security, post a high economic growth rate, expand external ties and heighten its role and position in the region and the world in the wake of the world’s financial crisis and economic downturn.

Chairman Trong expressed hopes that under the LPRP’s leadership, the Lao people will arrive at the goals set at the LPRP’s eighth congress to make their country further prosper.

Availing himself of this opportunity, Chairman Trong thanked the Lao Government, State, and people for creating conditions to facilitate Vietnamese investments in Laos as well as to assist the Vietnamese community’s life and business.

He reiterated Vietnam ’s resolve to strengthen and further boost the special Vietnam-Laos ties for the sake of both countries’ development.

The Lao General Secretary and President highly valued the Vietnamese NA delegation’s attendance at the APPF-17 hosted by the Lao National Assembly, describing it as an indication of the friendship, special solidarity and cooperation between the two countries.

He spoke highly of the achievements Vietnam has recorded even during the time when the world situation triggered adverse impacts on the growth of many countries.

The Lao leader said he was pleased to notice that the Lao-Vietnam relationship has been growing in depth to bring in many practical benefits and contributions to each country’s development.

Many Vietnamese-invested projects in Laos have proved to have contributed to reducing the number of Lao poor households, Choumaly Sayasone said.

He went on to note that the relationship between the two law-making bodies is growing closer with the Vietnamese National Assembly’s regular provision of assistance to the Lao counterpart, especially in the organisation of this APPF-17.

The Lao President affirmed that Laos will do its utmost to foster and further its special solidarity, friendship and cooperation with Vietnam .
At a meeting with Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh, Chairman Trong and the Lao PM informed each other of the socio-economic development in their respective countries, the measures taken by the two countries to overcome the difficulties and challenges caused by the global economic and financial crisis.

The two sides expressed their pleasure at the achievements of the two countries in national construction and development. They agreed that while making full use of internal force, the two countries, parties, governments and people of Vietnam and Laos should promote exchange of experience, cooperation and mutual support for development.

Over the recent past, Vietnam-Laos friendship and comprehensive cooperation have seen a new development step.

Two-way trade has increased steadily, reaching 450 million USD in 2008 and the two countries are striving to raise the figure to 1 billion USD by 2010, and 2 billion USD by 2015.

Vietnam ’s investment in Laos has been marked improved, with 157 projects, totally valued at 810 million USD, by November 2008.

Cooperation between localities of the two sides has been also promoted, especially among border sharing localities and major cities.

The Lao PM stressed that NA Chairman Trong and hid delegation’s participation in APPF-17 is an honour and great encouragement to the Lao National Assembly and people, while promoting the two countries’ friendship and comprehensive cooperation.

Chairman Trong affirmed that the Vietnamese parliament will do its utmost to strengthen and develop the two countries’ traditional ties, special unity and comprehensive cooperation. He conveyed his new-year wishes and best regards from PM Nguyen Tan Dung to PM Bouasone Bouphavanh.

In the evening, Chairman Trong met with his Lao counterpart Thongsing Thammavong, President of APPF-17. He spoke highly of the Laos National Assembly’s preparation for APPF-17 and affirmed that the Vietnamese NA will cooperate closely with the Lao NA in APPF-17.

The two parliament leaders informed each other of the activities in their respective national assemblies and exchanged view on preparations for APPF-17.

The Lao NA President said he hoped that Vietnam with its experience in organisation of international conferences will continue to help Laos for a successful AFFP-17.

The two sides were delighted at the development of relations between the two Parties, States and people of Vietnam and Laos . They praised the efforts by bodies of the two NAs to organise bilateral and multilateral cooperation activities in line with the cooperation agreement passed by leaders of the two parliaments.

They agreed to promote coordination in monitoring the implementation of the two countries’ cooperation agreements for mutual benefit and development in the interest of the two peoples.

They said NA bodies of the two countries should accelerate the exchange of information and experiences.

Source: VNA

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