Nation Assembly Considers Giving Workers an Additional Paid Day off

View of the King Hung 's Temple

A government proposal for amending the 73rd division of the Labor Code on granting workers the 10th day of the third lunar month off, for King Hung's death anniversary, was approved by the National Assembly at the 11th National Assembly Session on March 7.

At the session, a majority of the assembly was in favor of the proposal. Chairman of the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee, Vu Mao said "All localities of the country have a temple of King Hung, and this decision shows the spirit of people.

Chairman of the National Assembly's Economic and Budget Committee, Nguyen Duc Kien, concurred. “Granting workers this day off will help tighten the ethnic solidarity of the country." NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said, "The decision will be of educational significance, meet practical demands, and is appropriate to the people's expectation."

Giving workers the day off for the anniversary of King Hung’s death will be the ninth paid day of holiday for the Vietnamese labor force. 
The amendment and supplementary Labor Code affected by this decision are not considered mandatory in the upcoming session of the assembly, yet the National Assembly Standing Committee will summit the suggestion, nonetheless.  If the National Assembly approves the measure, the decision will go into affect this year.

On the same day, the National Assembly Standing Committee also made the preparation for reviewing the judicial aid law and examine and amend the Labor Code to permit the worker to get a day off on the occasion of King Hung’s death anniversary.  

By Bao Minh - Translated by Bich Ngoc

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