Nation to Upgrade Landmarks along Border with Laos

Participants at a conference held in Hanoi on March 25 agreed to upgrade the system of landmarks along the Vietnam-Laos borderline.

Under the plan also approved by the Government, all landmarks will be upgraded with many made thicker to help show the borderline more clearly.

The borderline, which is more than 2,000km, runs between 10 provinces of Vietnam and 10 provinces of Lao.

Following a border agreement in 1977, Vietnam and Laos conducted border demarcation and completed the landmark planting in 1987.

However, all landmarks used at that time were small in size. In addition, after more than 20 years since their establishment they have deteriorated considerably.

The conference was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem, who is also Foreign Minister and head of the National Steering Committee on Border Land Demarcation and Landmark Planting.

Source: VNA

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