National Assembly Asked for Further Explanations on Ha Noi Expansion Proposal

This was the “hottest” session of the 12th National Assembly and 39 delegates spoke and 31 different opinions were voiced.

The famous Hoan Kiem Lake in Ha Noi

Government obeys the law

A project to adjust the official border of Ha Noi was said to be done carelessly and without reference to experts and classes of people.

“Since 2000, the constructive model of Ha Noi capital has been stated in the resolutions of party and the law of the government,” said Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong, a National Assembly member from Quang Binh province. “There has been no regulation to collect peoples’ suggestions for the adjusting the border.”

“There is no contradiction between garnering people’ opinions on adjusting the official border and continuing with the project,” he added.

Lack of information to the National Assembly

There was not enough documentation in the government’s proposal to expand Ha Noi, as well as other potential problems, said Deputy Tran Tien Canh from Ha Nam province.  This concern was echoed by other delegates, including Duong Trung Quoc from Dong Nai province, and Nguyen Lan Dung from Dac Lac.

“We should seriously learn from experience,” Dang Nhu Loi from Ca Mau frankly said. “I suggest the National Assembly should make decisions based on realistic and scientific foundation which ensure the desire effect.”

Minister of the Interior Tran Van Tuan admitted some explanations in Statement No. 60 were too brief and unclear and thus created misunderstanding among the delegates. But the lack of specific detail did not change the main thrust of the statement, he asserted.

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said the session received enthusiastic, straightforward, responsible opinions from the deputies. The government’s presentations and explanations should be scrutinized and carefully taken into account, he said.

By Anh Thu - Translated by Nguyen Thanh Huong.

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