National security, public order always optimum goal, minister says

The Ministry of Public Security in the coming time will work harder for stronger national security and public order, minister Tran Dai Quang told press agencies.


The police forces are facing “extremely heavy” mission as they have only one choice for the country, that is to strongly maintain national security and public disorder for socio-economic and diplomatic development.

To fulfill the mission, Comrade Quang said the government needs to continue strengthening the Party organization, and improving the capacity as well as the work ethics of each single police officer.

He also suggested more reformation on administrative procedures to create better environment for social development.

The ministry will propose the elimination of as many unnecessary procedures as possible, abolishing documents that are no longer suitable, and reducing the time cost for each procedure.

Tran Dai Quang, Minister of Public Security

The ministry will consolidate the relationship between police forces with militia and other forces to create a governmental management power for public order and national security, Quang said.

It will also expand international cooperation in order to protect the country’s sovereignty, by means of fighting against terrorism and cross-border crimes.

Security and defense security will be closely connected with politic diplomacy, as well as economic and cultural diplomacy, he said.

The minister said police forces will work closely with their counterparts from other countries, especially neighboring ones, to prevent any subversive intentions, protect border security and help maintain peace and stability of countries in the region.

He said in the coming time, the ministry officials will pay more attention to hi-tech, drug, environmental criminals and economic ones, specifically corruption cases in finance, banking, stock market, real estate and foreign trade.

Besides improving the capacity of its own forces, the ministry will also need support from the society and other government agencies, Quang said.

For example, to deal with narcotic crimes, it would be tough if the ministry is not backed up by families, schools and local authorities.

By Anh Thu – Translated by Cao Minh

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