Nearly 74,000 Workers Sent Abroad in 11 Months

Vietnamese workers have lunch at a RoK's manufacture (Photo: Khanh Binh-SGGP)

Viet Nam has sent nearly 74,000 workers abroad over the past 11 months, achieving 97 percent of its annual target, according to the Department of Overseas Workers Management.

Malaysia, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan and Middle East countries remained the largest markets for Vietnamese labourers. During the period, the RoK and Japan received close to 8,000 Vietnamese guest workers.

The Middle Eastern countries, especially the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Libya, have been considered a potential market for Vietnamese workers as they have large demands for foreign workers in all sectors, ranging from maids working in households and construction workers to high-tech specialists.

However, Viet Nam has still faced various difficulties in sending its workers to new markets with high salaries such as Australia, Canada and Italy.

Over recent years, the export of labour has become an important source of revenue for Viet Nam, bringing in about 1.5 billion USD annually from approximately 400,000 Vietnamese labourers working abroad.

Source: VNA

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