New policies take effect in August

Four new policies will take effect in August this year. They include increasing the retirement salary, hospital charge in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for self-pay patients, construction permit issued within 42 days, electricity sector given self-determination to decide price

Retirement salary and social allowance will be increased from August 15 (Photo: SGGP)

Retirement salary and social allowance will be increased from August 15 (Photo: SGGP)

As per the government’s decree No.76, the retirement salary, social allowance will be raised from August 15.
Beneficiaries of the new policy are state retirees, retired soldiers, police officers, and those who receive monthly occupational accident and disease benefit in accordance with the present regulation.
The second policy is medical charge will hike in public infirmaries in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from August 1. Public partially-financed hospitals or fully-financed medical institutions will hike the charge starting October, 1, 2017.
From the day, expenses directly related to medical examination and doctor wages will be included in the medical services, under a roadmap set by the Ministry of Health.
The third policy issued by the Ministry of Finance is charge on assessment of toxic waste. From August 1, 2017, firms have to pay for assessment of dangerous discharges as per the Ministry of Finance’s circular No. 59/2017.
The fee is different from each various districts in the country. Enterprises must pay directly to the body which carries out assessment or to pay the government’s budget within ten days.
The fourth policy relates to construction permit. Starting August 1, the Department of Construction in Ho Chi Minh City will issue permit within 42 days instead of 122 days as before.
The Prime Minister’s circular No. 24 said that the electricity sector is allowed to increase or decrease price from August 15 within the pricing plan set by the PM.

However, in case, electricity price surges so high that it affects the country’s macro-economy, the Industry and Trade Ministry and the Finance Ministry will submit report to the PM for adjustment.
The next policy is to increase the deposit insurance up to VND75 million. From August 5, according to the PM’s decision No.21 the maximum insurance payout to a depositor for all deposits at an insured organization will be VND75 million (around US$3,300) from the current VND50 million under a new rule, effective from August 5.
Ministry of Education and Training’s circular No. 15-2017 said that in addition to work leave as per the regulation, teachers have two-month summer vacation yet teachers still receive full salary of two month summer vacation. The policy would be effective from August 1.

By TRAN VU – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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