Nine news agencies in Hanoi stop operation after press planning

The People's Committee of Ha Noi has just promulgated Decision No.18/QD-UBND approving development and management planning of Hanoi's press until 2025, carrying out the arrangement of 15 on 20 press agencies.
Accordingly, this year, three newspapers and six magazines in the capital city of Hanoi are expected to stop operating. The newspapers include Man anh San Khau (Theater Screen) , Thoi Bao Doanh Nhan (Business Times) and Cuu Chien Binh Thu Do (Capital Veterans).

Concerning to magazines, Giao duc Thu Do (Capital Education), Thuong Gia (Businessman), Hang Hoa va Thuong Hieu (Merchandise and Trademark), Tinh Hoa Dat Viet (Vietnam Quintessence), Phai Dep Women (Elle) and Golf Vietnam will stop operating. 

The newspapers such as Kinh Te va Do thi  (Economic and Urban Newspaper),  Phu nu Thu Do (Capital Women), Lao dong Thu do (Capital Labor), Tuoi tre Thu do (Capital Youth) are still operating. 
Phap luat va Xa hoi (Law and Society) Newspaper will be merged into Kinh te va Do thi (Economic and Urban Newspaper). 
Nguoi Ha Noi (the Hanoians) Newspaper will turn into a magazine specialized in literature and arts. 
Quoc phong Thu do (Capital Defense) va An ninh Thu do (Capital Security) will be arranged according to the proposals of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Public Security.
Hanoi Moi (New Hanoi) newspaper, Hanoi Radio Television, Science Magazine will still operate as usual. 

Thus, after the press planning, Hanoi has only eight press agencies, including five newspapers, two magazines, one radio and one television station. 

According to development and management planning of Hanoi's press by the end of 2025, the city will complete the arrangement according to the plan of the Ministry of Information and Communications and Hanoi will have a maximum of five press agencies.

By Khanh Nguyen – Translated by Huyen Huong

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