No power cuts in June: Ministry

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) not to cut power supplies across the nation in June, as the power situation has greatly improved.

The ministry also asked EVN to report the supply operation plan for the last six months of the year before June 25.

According to the Electricity Regulatory Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in the first five months of the year, the country’s total electricity output including both power production and purchase reached 43.088 billion Kw, an increase of 10% compared to the same period last year.

Together with external factors like improved hydropower, favourable weather conditions and low electricity demand, other factors such as new coal-fired power plants in the North have been responsible for the improved conditions.

Since the beginning of April, EVN has ensured the supply of electricity nationwide.

In June, the level of water in dams is expected to increase.

The ministry will continue observing EVN operations to ensure it supplies enough electricity to customers nationwide.

In addition, electricity corporations nationwide need to implement overhauling to maintain normal operations.

By L. Phong – Translated by Le Thu

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