One mil Vietnamese women provided vocational training

Women unions in the country has provided vocational training and employment consultancy to one million women laborers during five years ago, said (WHO?) at a meeting to review the project “Providing women laborers” vocational training and offering jobs to them in the period 2010-2015”.
The meeting was held by the Vietnam Women Union on October 17 in Hanoi. As per the report at the meeting, the number of vocationally trained female laborers was 162,000 annually exceeding the target of the project.
Also as per the report at the meeting, out of total female laborers received vocational training, the proportion of them having jobs is 81 percent, exceeding 11 percent of the project’s goal. 75. 6 percent of them were loaned by the Union after training; 12.64 percent of their products were purchase by enterprises and 9.14 percent of them were recruited to work in companies.
Also at the meeting, the Union set vision program for the period 2016-2020 in which female laborers in companies will be provided with vocational training or training connecting with services; IT and high-tech application as well as establish cooperatives.

By staff writers – translated by Anh Quan

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