One Vietnamese worker missing in Libya

A 42 year old Vietnamese worker has gone missing in Libya since July 26, said Mr. Truong Quang Tuong, secretary of the Thach Dai Commune Party’s Committee, Thach Ha District, the central province of Ha Tinh on August 11.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nham went missing after when he and two friends left their accommodations on their own initiative during the Ramadan Festival on July 26.

According to Simco Song Da Company who took Mr. Nham to Libya, he exited Vietnam on March 24 last year with passport number B6680433 in a contract between the company with its partner--the National Development Construction Company.

Simco Song Da said that they have warned their workers of the recently unstable security in Libya and advised them not to leave their accommodation for safety. However, Mr. Nham and the two workers still did so without informing their managers.

The company has worked with its partner, Vietnamese Embassy to Libya and Mr. Nham’s employer in search efforts but there is no information about him.

Mr. Nham is the main labor in his family whose situation is very difficult. He has wife and two children, Mr. Truong Quang Tuong added.

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By Duong Quang – Translated by Hai Mien

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