Onus on security forces to maintain stability, says PM

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has warned security forces that they face a heavier burden as the country fully integrates globally since hostile forces continue to try to thwart these efforts.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung (middle) visits the people’s security force in Hanoi on August 12 on the occasion of its 64th founding anniversary (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at a meeting on the occasion of the 64th founding anniversary of the People’s Police in Hanoi on August 12, he urged the security forces to adopt new ways of thinking about national security.

He wanted them to ensure national security while the country endeavors to meet the requirements of a new era.

Maintaining political security, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and social order are central requirements for socio-economic development, he said.

The Party, State, and people are proud of, and highly estimate what the security forces have done to ensure the nation’s stability, he said.

Over the last 64 years, the people’s security force has overcome many difficulties with firm political resolve and shown its absolute loyalty in serving the Party, State, and people, he said.

Source: VNA

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