Oral Propaganda Indispensable Despite IT Growth: Conference

The Central Propaganda and Education Committee organized a national conference in HCM City yesterday to assess the results of 30 years of implementing the Party’s Directive No.34 and 10 years of implementing the Standing Politburo’s Announcement No. 71, both on oral propaganda.

It was chaired by To Huy Rua, secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of the CP Central Propaganda and Education Committee.

Reports filed at the conference pointed out that over the past 30 years, awareness of the importance of propaganda had increased among all sections.

Many wards, towns, and communes had established their own propaganda and education committees, they pointed out.

Delegates said the task of propagandists was to convince people to “Understand the Party’s Resolution Thoroughly” and speed up the campaign “Study and Follow Ho Chi Minh’s Moral Example”, helping them lead a moral lifestyle and fight bureaucracy and corruption.

On behalf of the committee, Mr. Rua hailed the propagandists’ efforts and underlined their indispensable role in future despite the rapid development of information technology.

He requested them to intensify dialogues with the public and find out their expectations and aspirations. By doing so, they could propose necessary updates to the party and state’s policies to keep them abreast of social changes.

By T. Son – Translated by Phuong Lan

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