Party Central Committee convenes fifth meeting

The fifth meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) opened in Hanoi on May 7.

In his opening remarks, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said the meeting will summarise the implementation of the 1992 Constitution and discuss basic amendments and supplements to it.

It will review the implementation of the Resolution of the 9 th Party Central Committee’s 7 th meeting on continuing to renovate land policies and laws in the period of speeding up national industrialisation and modernisation, and the Resolution of the 10 th Party Central Committee’s 3 rd meeting on strengthening the Party’s leadership in the fight against corruption and wastefulness.

The meeting will also make decisions on issues relating to social policies and salary levels in the 2012-2020 period, he said.

The Party leader stressed that the revision of the 1992 Constitution is very important as the Constitution is a political and legal document that regulates the most essential social relations. It is the basic code of the State which has the highest legal status, ensuring socio-political stability and national sovereignty.

The amendment should follow the steering thoughts of the resolution of the 11 th Party Central Committee’s 2 nd meeting, realities in the implementation of the Constitution’s regulations and requirements of the new situation, as well as having a base of comprehensive, dialectical, specific and historical outlooks, he said.

Trong emphasised the need to assess the 1992 Constitution as a constitution of the first phase of the country’s renewal process, with positive results and shortcomings that should be amended and supplemented.

Proposals on amendments should be based on the results of the 20-year implementation of the 1992 Constitution and related laws, taking into full account purposes and requirements of the institutionalisation of the platform on national construction in the transition to socialism (amended and developed in 2011) and the Resolution of the 11 th Party Congress, while inheriting the stipulations of the 1992 Constitution and previous constitutions that remain appropriate.

Regarding the Resolution of the 9 th Party Central Committee’s 7 th meeting on land, the Party General Secretary stated that together with affirming positive changes and outstanding results in land management made over the past 10 years, it is necessary to point out limitations and weaknesses as well as their reasons.

“We have to clarify why land resources are not fully tapped to become an important internal force serving the country’s socio-economic development, the use of land is still wasteful and ineffective, and land-related corruption is yet to be prevented,” he said.

Based on those grounds, orientations for further reforms in land to continue renovating and perfecting land policies and laws should be proposed to help stabilise the socio-political situation and meet the requirements of socio-economic development, defence, security and international integration, he said.

On the fight against corruption and waste, Party General Secretary Trong said this is a major problem that directly connects to the implementation of the 11 th Party Central Committee’s 4 th meeting on urgent Party-building issues in the current situation.

“We should face the truth, analyse and assess corruption and wasteful situation and the results of anti-corruption work in an objective, comprehensive and profound manner,” he said.

He emphasised the need to assess the real situation, affirm achievements and frankly point out reasons for corruption and waste, putting forward resolute and feasible measures to create remarkable changes in this field.

For issues relating to salaries, social insurance and preferential allowances to people who rendered service during the war, Trong suggested the Party Central Committee give guidance on some urgent matters that should be done this year and in 2013, including adjusting salaries for officials, civil servants, people working for the armed forces and State employees and speeding up the renovation and restructuring of public agencies.

The Party leader concluded that all issues discussed during this meeting are difficult, complicated, sensitive and important issues for the sustainable development of the country, not only in this tenure but also in following tenures and the long-term future.

The meeting will continue until May 15./.

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