Party Central Committee’s 11th meeting wraps up

The 11th meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (10th tenure) ended in Hanoi on Oct. 10 after five days of sitting.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said issues discussed and decided upon at the meeting are of great significance. It is a step of preparation for the 12 th meeting, where the central committee will complete documents to be submitted to the 11th National Party Congress.

A view of a session during the meeting (Photo: Vietnam News Agency)

The meeting looked into and made clear a number of issues of the draft platform on national construction during the transitional period (with the supplements and developments), with a view to continuing its renewal and following closely the country’s real situation and the era, he said.

The Party leader said the participants looked into and cleared up a number of issues related to the draft socio-economic development strategy for the 2011-2020 period that was mapped out based on sustainable development and comprehensive renewal.

He went on to say that the meeting also debated and made suggestions to many contents of the detailed draft political report that will be presented at the 11 th National Party Congress.

According to the meeting’s decision, the political report will include a five-year socio-economic plan and a report on the Party building work.

The draft report put forth major policies and measures to speed up the industrialisation, modernisation and the shift of economic structure; improve the quality, effectiveness, competitiveness and rapid and sustainable development of the economy; basically complete the institution of socialist-oriented market economy; renovate and strongly develop education and training, science and technology, boost a knowledge-based economy and actively protect the environment; pay attention to cultural and human resources development; effectively realise social progress and equality, ensure social security and strengthen defence and security in an effort to protect the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; synchronously and effectively implement external relations activities and actively participate in the international economic integration process; promote the socialist democracy and the strengths of the national great unity bloc; and building a law-governed socialist country and strengthen the leadership and combative capacity of the Party.

“Our Party has defined economic development as the central task, Party building as the key task and cultural development as the spiritual foundation of the society, of which the Party-building work is a specially important and urgent task that decides the entire revolutionary cause and has a vital significance for our Party and regime,” the Party General Secretary stressed.

This important content should be clearly represented in the Political Report, he added.

The conference also discussed and contributed ideas on several issues in the Party Statute that need to be supplemented and amended in order to better serve the Party-building task and improve the leadership and combat capacity of the Party in the new period of development.

Together with discussions to complete draft documents to be submitted to the 11 th Party Congress, the conference reviewed the socio-economic situation and state budget in 2009 and discussed socio-economic development and state budget plans in 2010.

According to the Party leader, in 2010, the country must focus all resources on economic recovery in order to ensure the year’s economic growth higher than that of 2009, creating premises for rapid and sustainable economic growths in following years.

Vietnam should maintain the stability of the macro economy, ensure social welfares, improve the material and spiritual lives of people and realise social progress and equality, he said.

The country also needs to strengthen cooperation and international economic integration, maintain the socio-economic stability; ensure defence, security and social order; and try its utmost to fulfil all objectives and tasks set in the 2006-2010 socio-economic development plan.

The conference also considered and agreed a plan to develop the Ninh Thuan Nuclear Power Project and Lai Chau Hydropower Plant.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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