Party leader asks Cao Bang to find its way

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh asked the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang to find way for development, making most use of local potential.

The Party leader made the requirement while working with the province’s Party officials during his tour of Cao Bang from Dec. 25-27.

General Secretary Manh said with its important position on the borderline, Cao Bang needs to build a socio-economic development strategy for the whole area. The province should focus on developing husbandry, planting trees to supply materials for industry and growing vegetables for exports.

He asked central ministries and relevant agencies to study measures which encourage businesses to invest in tourism and services as the province has many landscapes and historical and cultural sites.

Working with the Executive Board of the provincial Party Committee, General Secretary Manh stressed that human resources play a decisive role, so the province must focus on training, particularly for ethnic minority people, for industrial development and other key economic sectors in the province.

He asked the local Party Committee to exert more efforts in guiding the province to complete targeted plans, particularly goals of economic growth, infrastructural investment and poverty reduction.

Cao Bang has plentiful mineral resources, including precious minerals of high economic values. It has seven border gates with China, including Ta Lung and Tra Linh.

From now to 2010, the province plans to increase the percentage of trade and services to 46 percent, industry and construction to 26 percent, local budget collection to 13 percent and per capita income to 600 USD a year.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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