Party leader urges Tra Vinh to join hands for successful renovation

General Secretary Nong Duc Manh talks with students at Tieu Can Dist of Tra Vinh Province
General Secretary Nong Duc Manh asked southern Tra Vinh province to strengthen the great national unity for the sake of successful renovation while working with the provincial Party standing committee on Sept. 12-13.

The Party leader said he believed that the provincial Party committee and people will uphold the traditional revolutionary spirit and solidarity to create unanimity among the local Kinh, Khmer and Hoa (Chinese) ethnic people for a break-through in socio-economic development.

He also expressed his pleasure at the province’s fast economic development over the recent past with an average GDP growth rate of 13 percent. Especially, the rate of poor ethnic minority households reduced by 4 percent each year.

During his stay in Tra Vinh, the Party leader also visited Chau Thanh and Tieu Can districts, paid homage to hero Vietnamese mothers and talked with Buddhist followers

Source: VNA

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