Party leaders commemorate Hung Kings


Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee (CPVCC) Politburo members offered incenses and flowers at the Hung Kings’ Temple Relic Complex in the northern province of Phu Tho on April 10 (the 8th day of the third lunar month).


The Politburo members - Truong Tan Sang (Standing member of the Secretariat), To Huy Rua  (the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, the head of the Central Commission for organization) and Ngo Van Du (Chairman of the CPVCC’s Commission for Inspection), highlighted Phu Tho province’s efforts in preparing and hosting sportive and cultural activities imbued with the national identity in recent days.


Party Central Committee Secretariat permanent member Truong Tan Sang (third left) leads a delegation to the Hung Kings' Temple in the northern province of Phu Tho yesterday

Nguyen Doan Khanh, Secretary of the Phu Tho Provincial Party Committee, reported briefly the Politburo members on the province’s preparations for the Hung King Temple Festival 2011, compiling dossiers on Xoan singing and Hung Kings worship rituals to submit to the UNESCO for recognition as intangible cultural heritages.


Also the same day, Comrade Truong Tan Sang attended the opening ceremony of the Tea Festival, part of the Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary-Hung King Temple Festival 2011.


Xoan singing and Hung Kings worship rituals to submit to the UNESCO


Vietnam has submitted documents on the worship rituals dedicated to Hung Kings ( Xoan singing ) in the midland province of Phu Tho to the UNESCO to seek its Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity recognition. Phu Tho  is the homeland of Xoan singing with 4 Xoan singing bands established and now operating in Viet Tri city, included Xoan An Thai, Xoan Thet, Xoan Phu Duc and Xoan Kim Dai…At present in Phu Tho there are only 69 Xoan singers but only 49  are capable of singing.


At the worshipping ceremony

The worship rituals dedicated to Hung Kings, the nation’s legendary founders, have existed through thousands of years, deeply taking root in the Vietnamese people’s mind and t he annual festival to commemorate the Hung Kings, which falls on the 10 th day of the third lunar month, was recognized as a national event in 2007.


Nguyen Tien Khoi, Director of the Hung Kings’ Temple Relic Complex said that “Hung Kings worship rituals” is part of the Vietnamese people’s culture of worshiping ancestors. Throughout history, Hung Kings’ worship rituals have always been the source of the national culture’s internal power, contributing to fostering national pride, solidarity and patriotism of the Vietnamese people.


The Hung Kings worship rituals represent not only the belief in the protecting saints in the spiritual cultural life of the Vietnamese people but also the nation’s ethic of gratitude to the predecessors, Khoi said.


He noted that there are over 1,400 places of worship dedicated to the Hung Kings across the country and numerous festivals are held every year, every where to commemorate the nation’s founders. The festival at the Hung Kings’ Temple in Phu Tho province is the main and official event dedicated to the Kings.


Hung Kings’ Death Anniversary festival will be held from April 7-12  this year


This year’s festival will be held from April 7-12 with a wide range of cultural activities, taking place in Viet Tri city to the Hung Kings’ Temple and surrounding areas.


The festival will draw participation of several provinces nationwide, including Tuyen Quang, Hoa Binh , Nam Dinh, Quang Ngai and Dong Thap province, which represent the three regions of the country.


Some 5-6 million visitors will make the pilgrimage to Phu Tho to offer their respect.

Forty outstanding Overseas Vietnamese from 13 countries and territories worldwide will attend the national commemoration of the Hung Kings, the legendary founders of Vietnam, in the northern province of Phu Tho on the 10th day of the third lunar month.


According to the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (SCOVA), the Overseas Vietnamese have greatly contributed to the homeland’s development in the fields of investment, trade, culture, science and humanitarian activities.


During their “returning to the roots” trip from April 8-11, they are due to meet with the Party General Secretary and authorities of the northern provinces of Phu Tho, Lang Son and Hai Duong.


They will offer incense to the Hung Kings at their temple in Phu Tho, tour Huu Nghi border post and Tam Thanh cave in Lang Son, and Chu Dau porcelain village and Con Son-Kiep Bac historical site in Hai Duong.


The trip is the fifth of its kind organized by SCOVA.


source SGGP,VNA - Translated by H.T.D

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