Party’s Central Executive Committee discusses development policies

The amended program for building the country during the transition period toward socialism and the strategy for socio-economic development in 2011-20 are among topics at the 11th Conference of the Party’s Central Executive Committee, which started in Hanoi October 5.

A view of the 11th Conference of the Party’s Central Executive Committee that opens in Hanoi on October 5 (Photo: SGGP)

Addressing the conference, General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said besides the program and strategy, the conference will discuss a political report to be submitted to the 11th Party Congress  in the first quarter of 2011; a report on social, economic and budgetary performances in 2009; and a plan for social, economic and budgetary development in 2010, among other important issues.

While many countries in the world are facing troubles caused by the global economic crisis, the country has successfully prevented a recession, stabilized macroeconomics, ensured social security, maintained stability of politics and security and defense, and strengthened foreign relations, Mr. Manh said.

Such good results were achieved owning to the sound leadership of the Party and Government, and to great efforts of the people and businesses of all economic sectors, he said.

“When assessing achievements, we should not only put emphasis on the economic value of those achievements but we should identify political significance implied in them as well,” he advised.
The resolution previously passed by the tenth Party Congress, and social and economic reports for 2009 should be considered as important foundations for building a plan for social and economic development in 2010, the leader said.

He asked the conference to pay special attention to the building of the Party and the amendment of the Party’s charter, in order to improve the Party’s leadership in the country’s development.
Mr. Manh said amending the program for building the country in the transition period toward socialism is a great task that proves political and intellectual ability of the Party and plays a decisive role in the vitality and the leadership of the Party.

Therefore, in the spirit of democracy, independent thinking and creativeness, the conference’s participants should actively give opinions to the program to create unanimity on important issues, he said.

The political program should only include issues which have been proved in practice and on which a high degree of unanimity is reached, so that it can become a foundation for reasoning and political thinking for the entire Party and society, he advised.

He called on the conference’s participants to consider and discuss every issue in the spirit of keeping the goal of national independence and socialism in their mind, comprehending Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought, and promoting the Party’s leadership in building, renovating, developing and protecting the fatherland.

The Party’s leader also sent his regards and sympathy to the people in Vietnam’s Central and Central Highlands provinces who are suffering severe problems caused by Typhoon Ketsana.

He said the Party, Government and people nationwide are trying their best to help the victims overcome difficulties.

The conference is scheduled to run until October 10.

Source: VNA – Translated by Truc Thinh

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