Police seize huge haul of heroin in Bac Giang Province



On June 10, the anti-drug crime police in the northern province of Bac Giang coordinated with related departments to wipe out a drug trafficking network from the northwest provinces of Vietnam to Bac Giang Province and seized a huge haul of heroin.


Around 1am on the same day, at the Cau Vat bridge area in Hop Thinh Commune in Hiep Hoa District of Bac Giang, police detected a truck BKS 29C-081.69 driving at high speed towards Hiep Hoa. Police stopped the truck and seized 62 cakes of heroin carefully hidden in the walls of the truck cabin.


Two men who were travelling in the vehicle were named as Song A Lu, 37, and Trang A Chu, 46, all residents of Co Tang village in Loong Luong Commune.


According to initial investigation, the above two confessed that they were trafficking drugs from the border areas to Bac Giang Province.


It was unfortunate that Song A Lu one of the two suspects was a Loong Luong Commune official for many years, police informed.


To distract the police force, the two men did not use luxury cars to transport drugs as many other criminals often do. Instead, they selected trucks carrying building materials to hide and traffic drugs.


According to the police, the two drug traffickers belonged to a bigger network which specializes in buying, selling and transporting drugs by using very sophisticated methods.


Besides, they were experienced in drug trafficking and applied several cunning tricks to evade the police.

Source SGGP, translated by MT

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