Poultry Industry Resumption Needs Caution

This is an interview between a reporter of SGGP and Director of Ho Chi Minh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Deputy Chief of the Steering Board of Bird Flu Prevention Nguyen Phuoc Thao.


SGGP Reporter: How do you assess the bird flu situation?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thao: The bird flu situation has cooled down for two months, but we still exercise caution because the epidemic can recur at any time.
The virus has spread to Europe. Although China has produced vaccine but there have been outbreaks and new human infection cases reported there. The situation has been complicated in Indonesia and the disease relapsed in Cambodia. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns it can become human pandemic if the virus mutates itself.
There have been no new outbreaks in Viet Nam recently thanks to the government’s strict measures. However, the fourth outbreak is inevitable if we don’t ensure biological security and prevent the spread of the disease completely or if we are rash to restore the poultry industry.

SGGP Reporter: People rely on vaccine against the virus. What’s your

A farmer vaccinates new chicks


Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thao:
First it has to be quality vaccine. Secondly, mass vaccination should be conducted continuously and in successive years. We need to constantly supervise and manage these small breeding farms.

SGGP Reporter: In conclusion, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development permits people to restore their poultry?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thao:
It is impossible to answer this question right now because Ho Chi MInh City with a large population focuses on industry, financial services, banking and tourist development.
Two meetings and an international seminar on bird flu prevention will be held this week by MARD in Ha Noi. Later Ho Chi Minh will organize similar convention to get the ideas of experts for future use. MARD has specific rules for poultry breeding, hatching, transport, slaughter and trading in the city. Under the rule, the farms have to register and ensure the veterinary hygiene, their breeding farms are located away from houses, schools and residential districts.
It is illegal to breed poultry within the cities. Therefore, such the outskirt districts as Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Cu Chi meet the requirements.

SGGP reporter: What policies are implemented to support the farms which are not allowed to raise poultry?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thao:
They are encouraged to move their farms to the suitable areas; otherwise, they should raise alternative animals. Ho Chi Minh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will have official information on this matter.

SGGP Reporter:  Thank you

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By Dong Nghi - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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