President tells courts to stick to spirit of law

President Tran Dai Quang has urged people’s courts at all levels to stick to the law abiding spirit in order to make fair convictions.

President Trần Đại Quang has urged people’s courts at all levels to stick to the law abiding spirit in order to make fair convictions. — Photo

At a working session with leaders of the Supreme People’s Court in Hà Nội yesterday, President Quang, who is also head of the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform, stressed that court was a symbol of justice, of the people, for the people and by the people.

It was a must for the all-level people’s courts to speed up the settlement of cases, especially those relating to economic affairs and corruption, he said, highlighting the reclamation of assets from corruption.

More importance should be placed on mobile courts to raise public awareness and prevent crimes and law violations, the leader added.

Apart from improving the quality of court proceedings, the courts should perform outstandingly in their role in reconciliation and dialogues, the President said.

Another important job was to review and ensure the progress and quality of the building of draft laws as well as documents guiding the implementation of laws, he reminded the court officials.

The President listed other jobs for the court system in the time ahead, including revamping its organisation and equipping its staff with both ideology and professional skills.

Underscoring the huge tasks facing the courts to protect justice in the context of national industrialisation and modernisation, and international integration, President Quang affirmed that the Party, the State and people always paid due attention to judicial agencies, including all-level people’s courts, helping them to become more pure, strong and comprehensive.

The Supreme People’s Court reported that from October 2015 to June 2016, the courts at all levels settled nearly 281,000 cases.

Efforts have also been focused on overturning wrongful convictions from many years ago that have drawn public concern.

The most noteworthy is a case relating to Huỳnh Văn Nén in the central province of Bình Thuận, who stayed behind bars for 17 years due to a false conviction for the murder of two people in the 1990s, and another concerning Trần Văn Thêm in the northern province of Bắc Ninh, who was wrongfully convicted of murder years ago, the court said.


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