Production connectivity way out for agricultural product consumption

According to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat, farming production connectivity is one of measures for agricultural restructuring, which will assist farmers to produce and consume their products more stably.

Rice harvest in a large scale field in the Mekong Delta (Photo: SGGP)

So far the connectivity has been applied in some fields such as milk cow breeding and sugarcane planting and processing. Large scale paddy field modal has proved efficiency after five years of implementation in 43 provinces and cities nationwide over a total area of 400,000 hectares.

Despite showing some limitations, large scale paddy field is a good modal that should be thoroughly studied and developed to promote its efficiency, said experts.

Besides, if value chain in agricultural production is applied, it will help improve farmers’ income, intensify the connectivity between farmers and businesses, and develop the large scale paddy fields, they said.

Mekong Delta provinces’ departments of agriculture and rural development said that relevant agencies should re-plan farming zones and have disease-control measures to develop seafood farming, processing and exports.

The important thing is to develop the connectivity modal between breeders and businesses. Being aware of market information, businesses should place orders with farmers to have a stable material source and help prevent the long issue 'bumper crop-price plunge' from plaguing farmers.

Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa, head of the Southern Fruit Research Institute, said that there should have a farming production zone linking provinces in the same region together.

The zone should have a body playing bandmaster zone to develop into merchandise production areas with development versions, regulations and management.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that production should base on market demand to prevent farmers from falling into the defensive. Besides it is necessary to create a link between businesses and farmers to improve competitiveness.

Business investment in agricultural field is considered a key measure to better farm produce consumption.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has instructed authorized agencies to work together and solve difficulties for firms to promote their attendance in this field.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has launched a club of agricultural investors comprising 30 companies, many agencies and eight pioneering provinces in agricultural restructuring.

The club with an interdisciplinary relation will work to solve difficulties for businesses and propose policies suiting their demand.

The Mekong Delta is building a pilot project on regional connectivity in socioeconomic development for the phase 2016-2020. It is expected to connect production, processing and consumption of mainstay farm produce such as pangasius fish, shrimp and fruits via value chains.

Associate professor Nguyen Van Sanh, head of the Institute said that regional connectivity program that forms farmers to farmers, farmers to businesses, businesses to managers…would help improve goods value chains, set up large-scale production zones, and boost the delta’s comparative advantage.

The Government plays very important role as a bandmaster in the value chains by creating clear policies and mechanism, he added.

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By staff writers – Translated by Hai Mien

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