Proposal on new Hanoi-HCM City air route needs more thorough review: CAAV

A discussion of the proposed Hanoi-HCM City “ golden air route ” would be one-sided if the economic effectiveness  is the only issue considered, the  Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) has  said. The CAAV issued the statement in response to a proposal on opening a new seminar to debate the issue.

The Vietnam Economic Association recently proposed holding the seminar entitled “ Effectiveness of the Hanoi-HCM City air route along the 106th meridian.”

CAAV, however, said factors other than economic effectiveness must be taken into account when opening a new flight route including national security and the safe management of flights.

CAAV also said the government, the Ministry of Transport and CAAV appreciated the “golden air route” project and its architect Mai Trong Tuan.

According to CAAV, it had discussed the idea before Mr. Tuan went public with his proposal.

The CAAV has repeatedly argued against the route saying the flights would not be economically efficient. Each trip, says CAAV, would cost the airline money to use neighboring countries’ airspace to fly directly over Laos and Cambodia instead of veering east over the East Sea.

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By B.Quyen, T. Tuyet - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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