Red Face Monkey attacks human

A heard of about 30 Red Face Monkeys attacked a person in a cornfield on July 4, said a representative of the Tan Trach commune People’s Committee.

Red Face Monkey

Dinh Rau, deputy chairman of the Farmer’s Association in the commune went to the cornfield with two dogs and discovered the monkey herd taking corn.

Upon seeing Rau, the herd retreated into a nearby rock cave to hide.

Rau and the two dogs pursued the monkeys into the cave to retrieve the corn, but the herd appeared and attacked him.

Rau came to Phong Nha – Ke Bang forest management board to complain about this.

The management board explained and supported medicine and money as well as advised him not to kill the moneys because the Red Face Money is a precious species protected by law.

By M.Phong, translated by Le Thu

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