Relatives dispute over dead woman’s fortune

Shortly after 56-year-old T.K.P passed away in March last year in Tan Phu District in Ho Chi Minh City, a fierce dispute broke out between her brothers, sisters and her adopted daughter over her fortune, said to be worth almost VND1 trillion.

T.K.P had never married, and through sheer hard work had amassed a fortune and adopted a daughter named T.H.H.L, born 1987.

After P’s funeral, L and the woman’s brothers and sisters could not find her will so it was difficult to define an inheritor of her wealth.

Instead, they found several valuable assets that included diamonds, US dollars and Vietnamese currency, gold, and real estate papers, for which they all are battling each other.

“The deceased woman’s relatives found a safe which was locked, and had asked us to make an official report after they unlocked it and count the assets in the safe,” said Le Manh Hung, head of the Binh Thanh District Bailiff Office on June 4.

“We then spent almost a week counting the assets in the safe which comprised of gold; gem-inlay and diamond jewellery packed in plastic bags; many saving account books in both US dollars and Vietnam dong worth roughly US$1 million, and dozens of real estate papers for properties in HCMC and other provinces,” Hung told a SGGP reporter.

P’s relatives said the assets were worth a phenomenal VND1 trillion or $48 million.

After counting the assets, the adoptive daughter and T.V.Ph, who is representing P’s siblings, signed an agreement that all jewellery and valuable papers in the safe would be sealed off in another safe at the Sacombank. The safe will then be opened with consensus from both parties.

Because P did not leave any will, so the two sides hired several lawyers to file a law suit to claim the assets. Neither L nor T.V. Ph have been able to withdraw any items from the safe for the last year, as the dispute remains unresolved, said Hung.

SGGP reporters attempted to contact Ph, but he refused to meet them, saying that we should wait until the court announces a decision.

Meanwhile, Sacombank also refused to answer to reporters’ queries.

However, the HCMC People’s Court revealed that they had yet to receive any lawsuit from relevant parties over the inheritance dispute.

Nonetheless, lawyer Pham Thi Ngoc Thuy said that as L was P’s adopted daughter and P’s parents had passed away, all the property must go to her.

If P’s brothers and sisters want a part of the asset, they must prove that they had in some way contributed to the late woman’s assets, added lawyer Thuy.

Source SGGP, Translated by MT

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