Remains of Former Cao Dai Pope Returned to Viet Nam

The Holy See, the main and largest church of Cao Dai Sect in Tay Ninh province

The remains of former Cao Dai Pope Pham Cong Tac will be returned to Viet Nam Thursday to mark the 80th establishment anniversary of the Cao Dai religion, according to an agreement signed by the Cambodian Ministry of Cults and Religion and the Vietnamese Government Commission for Religion.

The ceremony of  repatriating Pope Pham Cong Tac's remains was held this morning in Phnom Penh. Attending the ceremony this morning were the Vietnamese embassy in Cambodia, representatives of the Cambodian Ministry of Cults and Religion, local authorities and many followers of Cao Dai Sect.

The Religion Board of Tay Ninh province, the cradle of Cao Dai Sect, together with the Managing Council of Cao Dai Tay Ninh will receive the remains of Pope Pham Cong Tac from the Cao Dai Oratory in Phnom Penh and bring it home on Thursday morning.

The repatriation of the former Cao Dai Pope’s remains is in accordance with his last wish and the aspiration of entire follower community of the Cao Dai Sect in Viet Nam.

Pope Pham Cong Tac (1890 - 1959) was one the first disciples of Cao Dai in Viet Nam. He was crowned head of Cao Dai Sect in 1927 and was considered one of the greatest contributors to the establishment of the Holy See, the main and largest church of Cao Dai Sect in the southern province of Tay Ninh. The church’s construction started in 1930 and was finished in 1955.

In 1956, the Cao Dai Sect was in conflict with the regime of Ngo Dinh Diem in control of South Viet Nam. Pope Pham Cong Tac had to live and carry on missionary works in Phnom Penh, Cambodia until he died in May 17, 1959.

Source: VNA – Translated by Trong Khuong

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