Rumor draws people to well in Nghe An

Because of rumor, people have traveled from miles around to visit a village well in the north central province of Nghe An, believing it contains water with magic healing powers.

People wait for “holy water” from 40 year old well in the North central province of Nghe An. (Photo:SGGP)

People have traveled from as far as Cua Lo, 80 km away, to join the queue to collect water from the well in Khanh Son Commune, Nam Dan District. 

Queues started about 4am for the “holy water” with many people willing to wait until 8-9pm or sometimes until 2 am to fill their containers.

Locals said the time to collect 20 liters of water has increased to 10 minutes since the well’s reputation grew, because water levels had run low.

Some residents were collecting water from the well between 1-4am to sell at VND10,000 per 20 liters, for its reputed healing powers.

Trucks from Vinh City were even filling up at the well.

Nguyen Van Phu, who lives near the well and has used it for ten years, said he had never heard about the well water having special healing powers.

He said the well that was built by soldiers in 1967 – 1968 contained pure water without any dregs. He said it was safe to drink without boiling.

The local authorities said they would take a sample of the water to test the healing claims. They said police would maintain order as the well levels were running low and many people were queuing.

By D.C, translated by Mong Quynh

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