‘Run for Children 2011’ to raise funds for child cancer patients

Run for Children 2011’ event will be held around the Thien Quang Lake in Hanoi on December 4 to raise money for cancer child patients at the Hanoi Heart Hospital, the National Hospital of Pediatrics and for Heart Beat Vietnam program.

The event aims to raise awareness and compassion amongst Hanoians, businesses, the Canadian community and international friends who are studying and living in Vietnam.

The ‘Run for Children 2011’ is a version of the Terry Fox charity run, which supports cancer and heart treatment for poor children in Vietnam.

The program has attracted nearly 50,000 people and raises fund of more than VND 4 billion to support cancer research and treatment of poor children suffering from cancer and heart diseases in National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hanoi Heart Hospital and the Heart Beat Vietnam Program since 2000.

Sponsors can support the run by buying T-shirts, donate cash and other items, and pay for treatment expenses of child patients to the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organization (HAUFO).

Compiled by Kim Khanh

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