Samples from Doi Nen gas station fail quality test

Three samples of petrol taken from the Doi Nen Gas Station in Dinh Tri District in the northern province of Bac Giang failed to meet quality standards, said the local market management unit yesterday, which subsequently seized 28,000 litres of fuel from the depot.

Scores of angry drivers surrounded Doi Nen gas station on March 24, demanding compensation for damages caused by sub-standard petrol

Tests conducted by the Quality Assurance and Testing Centre under the Ministry of Science and Technology proved that octane index of the gasoline samples was much lower than required.

Upon receiving the test results, the local market management unit in coordination with the investigation police calculated the remaining gas in the tanks to be 28,000 litres.

The test results proved correct the suspicion of hundreds of customers who had surrounded the gas station with their damaged cars and motorbikes as evidence on March 24, demanding compensation for damages caused by poor quality gasoline.

Engines running on low octane fuel are subject to risks of damage. Some customers claimed they had spent a lot of money on repair of their bikes, even though no obvious technical fault was visible. The problem only started after the drivers replaced old gasoline with new fuel from this particular gas station.

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By K. Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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