Scientists study young girl with strange powers

A team of eight scientists from Hong Bang University in Ho Chi Minh City are presently studying a rare phenomenon in which one 11-year-old girl from Tan Binh District is able to create enough heat to burn material items.

The scientists yesterday arrived at the house of the 11-year old girl who apparently can generate so much heat as to burn several items in her house on Bach Dang Street in Tan Binh District in HCMC. The team will study the girl’s living environment and daily activities in a bid to find an explanation to the rare phenomenon.

A charred house destroyed by fire generated by the girl’s unique powers

Nguyen Manh Hung, president of Hong Bang University, who is also leading the research team, said this is a strange phenomenon in the country and the world, as fires break out when the girl is around even if she does not touch anything.

Fires have occurred not only in her house but also in her school and in her relatives’ houses.

A blaze suddenly broke out in the second floor of a three-storey house owned by the girl's father. It started from a lamp near a bed and then spread to the mattress and closet. According to her relatives, before the fire was discovered, the girl had come to take some clothes from the bedroom.

Moreover, some household fixtures such as plugs and electric wires suddenly begin to melt as soon as she stands next to them. The family called an electrician to fix the wires in the house, thinking they were faulty, but several items still burnt after that.

When the family took the girl to a relative’s house to check if their daughter was the cause of the fires, they found objects burning as soon as the girl passed by them. The fires break out at any time of the day and are quite unpredictable.

The girl was examined at the Cho Ray Hospital and Children No 2 Hospital, but doctors found nothing abnormal in her body.

Specialists were sent by the centre to the girl’s house to measure her magnetic power but there were no abnormalities. They also found that plugs and switchboards in the house burnt due to electric discharge on the surface, while internal wires remained unaffected.

The centre also did a Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) test for T. and detected some problems in the right hemisphere of her brain.

According to scientists, the girl’s right hemisphere is more developed than her normal age and is similar to that of people who have great creativity and imagination like artists, poets or painters. In this case, the right brain is probably creating great heat, which sets fire to items near her.

After a scientist gave her a black quartz bracelet to wear so as to reduce her ‘powers’, things in the house stopped burning, but she showed signs of exhaustion and experienced light convulsions and a red streak appear on her eyebrows. When she removed the bracelet, she felt comfortable again and the streak disappeared.

Subsequently, the scientists said further research into this strange case is needed. However, the girl will be taken to school by special vehicles fitted with machines to record her parametre.

In addition, she will be accompanied by an escort at all times to protect her from burning. Moreover, fire extinguishers will be placed in her school, in vehicles and her house, in case of emergency fires.

By T. Han - Translated by Bao Long

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