Search for Typhoon Victims Continues

According to the High Command of the third-zone Navy force’s report on May 26, two ships, HQ-629 and 631, are currently at the area 700 miles far away from Da Nang City, to continue their search for victims of typhoon Chanchu. However, there is no new discovery.

One of ships hit by the typhoon returns to the mainland after the typhoon.

On the same day, the High Command gathered captains of fishing ships who were rescued from the typhoon for a discussion about the position of the typhoon, shipwreck locations, wind direction, water flow, aiming to facilitate searches and rescue.
According to the Cooperation Center for Search and Rescue-Region 2, there were 45 fishing boats with 767 fishermen at Dong Sa island area before the typhoon. Among them, 13 boats were sunk with 219 fishermen, including 7 boats from Da Nang, 5 from Quang Ngai and 1 from Binh Dinh. Five other boats with 147 fishermen have not yet contacted the mainland. 
The searches will be continued until there is no hope, said Lieutenant-general Nguyen Duc Soat, Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Search and Rescue. 
Da Nang Border Guard said that 151 boats with 2,771 fishermen went out to the sea through Da Nang border gate before the typhoon. Apart from the 10 boats which were sunk and lost with 299 fishermen, the remaining 141 ships with 2,542 fishermen have contacted the mainland. 
1,325 fishermen returned home on 81 boats and 825 fishermen on 44 boats are on the way of landfall. 
Da Nang Border Guard is directing duty staff to contact the returning boats 24/7 for timely rescue.
According to Director of the Education and Training Department of Da Nang City, Huynh Van Hoa, so far in Da Nang City, 99 pupils have relatives gone missing, 8 pupils and one staff have relatives dying in the typhoon. 

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By staff writer – Translated by Yen Chuong

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