Service fee dispute of Keangnam Apartment Building unresolved



The dispute over service fee between residents of the luxury 48-floor Keangnam Apartment Building in Hanoi and the owner is still ongoing as neither party has arrived at an amicable settlement.


Ms Trinh Thuy Mai, chief representative of the Kesangnam building residents told reporters on December 4 that the building management board has re-connected the electricity and water supply to the households.


Residents of Keangnam Apartment Building have to stay on the ground floor because the building management had cut off electricity and water supply to the apartments ( photo VNExpress)

This temporary respite came as a result of a meeting between residents of Keangnam Apartment Building, the Tu Liem district authorities, police and the owner of the building.


The previous day, some residents of Keangnam Apartment Building in Hanoi had to cook with honeycomb coal and stay on the ground floor because the building management had cut off electricity and water supply to the apartments.


Residents cooked on the ground floor and some even slept in the   lobby because they couldn’t walk up the high-rise building to their apartments.


The building management board cut electricity and water supply on December 3, mainly of households living in two blocks, explaining that those households had failed to pay electricity, water and management fees according to the building regulations.


The sudden power cut occurred in the afternoon, without prior notice, so many families could not continue to use their electronic ID cards to open up the main entrance door on the ground floor to access the lift or the stair case.


Even when the main entrance door was opened by the guards, the access to the lift was blocked.


This led to hundreds of angry residents surrounding the office of the building’s management board asking for explanations. But the building management refused to concede to any requests.


Many families who had paid the service fees on time were also affected. One resident said she had paid her power bill on November 22, but when she asked for an explanation, the answer was a simple “a mistaken power cut” and the power supply didn’t return until the evening.


Tran Thanh Hien, who lives in A1803 apartment, told reporters that he was attacked by gangsters on Nov 18 when he and others demonstrated against the Keangnam Management Board and the Mai Linh real estate company, while the Security Guard of the building   did nothing to protect them.


The local police received many complaints from residents but were unable to resolve the dispute.


The Korean representative of the building’s management board had rejected a meeting with the media on the same day.


Meanwhile, Trinh Thuy Mai, interim deputy head of a board representing Keangnam residents, said they didn’t agree with the arbitrary ways of the building management board which charged high management fees than those prescribed by law.


She also said that the service fee for motorbikes, cars, sanitation and security were unreasonably high.


Source SGGP - Translated by Dan

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