SGGP Readers Offer Relief to Victims of the Lekima Typhoon

On the night of October 10, despite heavy rain and flooding, reporters from Sai Gon Giai Phong ploughed their way through mountains and forests to Nam Giai Commune of Nghe An Province.  This massive effort was to offer relief money donated by the readers of the paper, to the victims of the typhoon Lekima. 

One of SGGP reporters hands the money relief to a flood victim's family

Chaos was seen along the path leading to Nam Giai.  Thousands of logs and tree trunks were arranged in a chaotic mess on mountain fields and could be seen floating on the swift-running stream.  After climbing up and down a number of slopes, the reporters finally arrived at the commune.

The party committee secretary of the commune, Ngan Van Tinh, took the reporters to the homes of each victim.  The first visit was paid to the family of Ms. Ngan Thi Thiet, her son had just returned from military service and was about to get married.  Unfortunately, he was swept away in the frenzied flooding.

Night had already fallen, but Ms Thiet had not had dinner as according to her, there was no rice left in the house.   A gleam of relief and happiness appeared in Ms. Thiet’s eyes when she received the relief money from the reporters.

“Tomorrow, I’ll ask my youngest child to go the market to buy some rice, salt and some cold tablets.  We haven’t had anything to eat for a couple of days,” Ms. Thiet  said.

The reporters then visited the family of Ms. Ngan Thi Thao.  Her husband was killed in the flood, leaving her to raise their five children. Holding a five month old baby in her arms, Thao said with tears in her eyes, “My five children are so hungry and I don’t know how we would have managed without this relief money.  Actually, the money is a fortune to me, thank you so much for risking your lives to come here to lend us a helping hand”.

On behalf of Sai Gon Giai Phong readers, the reporters visited the families of 13 people in Nam Giai who lost their lives due to the floods.  All of these families received the relief money donated by readers.  A heavy air of sorrow accompanied the families, yet, they all said that they regained hope and faith when realizing that all the people in the country were sharing the losses and damages with them.

Each victim’s family was offered VND3 million.  Two families, whose houses were swept way by the flood, received a special gift of VND5 million.

By Minh Phong – Translated by Phuong Lan

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